Texas PTA Show Package


created for WeeBeastie

art direction | design | show package


WeeBeastie asked me to create several concepts branding the show open for TLC’s reality program, Texas PTA Moms. The show centered around tough Texas elementary school PTA moms who will go to great lengths to ensure their kid is getting the best of the best. Passionate and extreme, the tone is communal, reflecting the strong personalities of these dynamic moms, often reverting the viewer back to some of the conflicts from their own early school days as they bring overblown drama and tension focused around the children’s activities.

Exploring different concepts led me to remember back when I was in elementary school art class and how much fun it was to play with scissors and glue. I wanted to create a entertaining graphic treatment that was playful and reminiscent of childhood, but looked like it could have been created by the art teacher or parent, not the child. My crafty side came out, playing with colored construction paper, painted popsicle sticks and cardboard. Warm colors of burnt orange, terra cotta, sage green and gold inspired a SouthWestern palette and this was one of those wonderful rare opportunities that truly calls out for a stylized funky font. Buffalo Gal by LinoType seemed just right.