Sherwin Williams


created for Stardust NY

art direction | illustration | design


I was asked by Stardust NY to create a series of boards for a Sherwin Williams pitch. All elements of the magical world within the spot are composed of the “color chip samples” that you get at a paint store. A seamless journey unfolds as the animation of the color chips form different moments in life.

Scale shifts become wonderful moments, focusing closely on one particular chip to read the paint name and number, and then pulling back to discover it is but one of hundreds, becoming the waves of the sea or the petals of a sunflower. Bouquets of color chips swirl together to form elements within an abstract space. Orange, gold and crimson spin to create a pinwheel soon revealed to be a butterfly, shades of pink and green become roses on a vine. We move from literal chip to abstract pattern, to being immersed in world of chips. This was a fun pitch to develop and I am really happy with the palette.