TLC Health Tips


created for WeeBeastie

art direction | design


Weebeastie asked me to work with them on a project for Discovery Health to create several different looks branding mental wellness tips by on-air talent Dr. Janet Taylor from the series Facing Trauma. Fresh, authentic and friendly was the goal, targeting active women who are juggling work, kids, parents and friends and who enjoy watching television that highlights life transitions.

Starting with a clean crisp white background, I created a couple concepts for radiant color graphics to flow behind Dr. Janet as she offered her friendly tips. The first idea explores gently flowing ribbons of varying transparencies which frame footage of life’s milestones. The ribbons fold over each other as the soft but vibrant color palette shifts and offers transitions for moments passing between child to parent, girlfriend to wife, daughter to caretaker, creating a bright softly flowing story behind Dr. Janet.

The second concept creates a constantly shifting circular frame for the narrative behind Dr. Janet, with the colored edges always in motion, as curvilinear shapes gently shift to alternatively conceal and reveal families and loved ones together. Soft gradients and small particles inspire a bit of imaginative and magical flair.