Coke Zero Quantum of Solace


created for Stardust NY

art direction | illustration | design


Created at Stardust NY for the advertising campaign promoting Coke Zero in partnership with the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. The brief requested a bold graphic look, sexy, exciting and bursting with action.

Inspiration was drawn from the gritty aesthetic of graphic novels, creating a palette of stark black and whites, silhouettes and shadows. Dramatic scale shifts and exaggerated perspectives fold seamless transitions between the sequence of vignettes.

The motorcycle rider skillfully dodging rocks upon a craggy terrain is revealed to be navigating condensation drops on the side of a bottle. Shards from the glass ceiling Bond hurtles through become ice cubes rattling softly inside the glass of an exotic woman. Crimson circles accent the presence of the Coke bottle as makes an appearance within classic Bond moments, dramatic car chases, violent fighting sequences, sensual dancing and epic landscapes.