Artistry Intensive Skincare


created for We Are Plus

art direction | illustration | design


Another project with the Plus team, this short film highlights the features of Artistry Intensive Skincare, a prestige skincare brand. An elite, high end product, the Artistry brand is elegant, sharp, confident and self assured. The script is simple and driven by typography callouts of the product ingredients and benefits. The challenge was to create fresh illustrative imagery to tell the story while reinforcing the personality of the brand.

Creative director Judy Welfare and I wanted to create a polished film merging the clinical attributes of the product with the “Artistry Forward Beauty” positioning, which is inspired by grace, sophistication and distinction. Being careful to maintain the personality of the brand, I created vibrantly colored luminous illustrations of the product ingredients and an elegant, minimal background shimmering with beautiful bokeh elements and dark flowing shadows to set off the silvery type.