Offering intelligent creative design communicated with focused intention on functionality & context

Expertise with systematic investigation of users and their requirements in order to create context and insight in designing the user experience


Ability to rigorously analyze a design problem and critically determine viable solutions


Talent for combining critical thinking with delightful solutions to execute strategic concepts across various platforms.

What does she need? How can she use it?

I am passionate about making an authentic impact through design, focusing on solving problems for people with delightful and easy to use elegant solutions.

Each creative project is a unique challenge requiring curiosity, imagination and rigor. My unique set of skills includes a rigorous analytical thinking process combined with an extremely strong sense of visual design. By focusing carefully upon the specific needs and motivations of the end user I am able to create a product of optimal functionality while maintaining a visual look of the highest quality.

I have a Master of Architecture and a diverse background of user experience, traditional visual arts, and animation. In addition to refined creative abilities and expert execution, I have a strong familiarity with design strategy, user research, information architecture, user interface design and usability testing.


Communication. Concepts. Ideas. Experiences.

The translation of complex information into easily understood relevant experiences is both an extraordinary talent and a hard earned skill honed through time and effort.

My projects over the years have transcended various mediums: film, television, websites, textiles, books, cd/vinyl art, posters, performance installations and environmental designs and now mobile apps and digital explorations.

I am interested in all types of design projects, especially those which combine critical thinking with meaningful visuals and the challenge to artistically execute ideas across different media. Integrating a diverse background of traditional visual arts, architectural design and animation, my goal is to bring ideas to life through authentic and significant means. I am inspired by story and concept, and just love to create.

Designing for Spaces: Murals. Textiles. Scenic Design.

Designing elements for environments is about integrating a story with the built environment to create a memorable experience. Typography, color, pattern, illustration, texture and image may all be aligned with architectural features to create messages and experiences. These elements inform users how to interact with the space, understand and connect.

For several years I collaborated on many projects with Jack Morton Worldwide and had the opportunity to work on interior office spaces, set designs for broadcast, trade show exhibits and temporary art installations. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience the potential of how graphic communication creates stories while bringing inspiration and enlightenment to architectural space.

Designing for Motion: Film. Broadcast. Digital. Interactive.

Styleframes, often called the “Art of the Pitch,” are carefully crafted sequences of images which tell stories, visualize key moments and establish the look, mood, and style for what a finished project is intended to look like.

For years I have been fortunate to work with many of the best motion graphics studios in NYC creating style frames for all types of motion based projects, everything from live action films to animations, presentations and digital applications. Visual concepting with a sequence of boards is one of my favorite parts of the production process.

Drawing. Painting. Digital. MultiMedia.

Narratives are brought to life through the process of making imagery. Translating strong ideas into clearly understandable forms requires a structured nuanced sensitivity toward storytelling while maintaining a clear vision. Clever illustrations are a delicate balance of curiosity, imagination, and a talent for telling visual stories.

My illustrations have been used in films, motion graphics, textiles, and many types of printed matter. Depending upon the needs of the client and intended message, I am comfortable using a wide range of styles, blending contemporary, digital and traditional techniques. Some projects have called for me to create crisp vector elements while others radiate the nuances of a handmade organic touch. Whatever the medium, I am dedicated to ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail possible to every image I create.

Connection. Personality. Story. Appeal.

Creating vibrant characters which breathe life and exhibit magic is a creative challenge I love. The process of designing memorable characters is a wonderful balance of discovering qualities to exaggerate and play down, and determining how to create nuances of backstory and appealing personality.

I have created many  characters for commercial projects and my most challenging role recently was to design almost thirty characters on model for a 60 second spot. I drew almost ten of the characters in the round. It was critical that each view be consistent so it could be animated by a 2d artist. Please check out some examples of that exciting project here.

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to work with many talented people over the years.

I had the pleasure of working with Dustin on multiple occasions. She is a thinker, a problem solver, and her work is always executed with an extraordinary attention to detail. She is collaborative and conscientious and her work always surprises.I highly recommend her.

Judy Welfare
Executive Creative Director | PLUS

Dustin was hired to art direct the animation sequences on the documentary 2012: Time for Change. It was an ambitious project and she fully delivered and surpassed our expectations. The animation was considered by everyone to be the standout highlight of the film.Additionally, Dustin was hired by us to design our theatrical poster – which she did and once again demonstrated her excellent design skills. She is a pleasure to work with, and delivers top-notch results.

Blake Ashman-Kipervaser
Producer | Starlet Films

Dustin is a fantastic art director and designer with a great eye for detail, a gentle manner, and a terrific sense of style. I’ve worked with her at several studios and she is always very serious and focused on every project, no matter how small. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Tonya Smay
Digital Compositor & Animator | NYC

As an Illustrator and Creative Director, Dustin Lindblad is an absolute pleasure to work with. She offers an intuitive, unique touch to all she creates, acumen mixed with a deep sense of beauty and an innate ability to grasp the ethos of a project. I highly recommend her for both original art work and the creation of cohesive media assets.

Sarah Drew
Author GAIA CODEX | Creative Director Metamuse Media

I have worked with Dustin on many large animation productions both at Curious Pictures and PostModern Times. She was the Art Director on my first animated feature documentary and the results were excellent. She is extremely versatile and has really good taste. I recommend her as she is an amazing professional, always on time and has an amazing talent with motion graphics and art direction.

Joao Amorim
Director | Amorim Films

Dustin was an amazing Art Director when we had her here in at Suspect! She was able to deliver to demanding clients and has a great personality to have around in the office. We also brain stormed together on a fun future project and I really enjoyed bouncing ideas off her. Hope we work together sometime again soon.

Karen Heston
Creative Director | Siren Lab

Dustin was great! While working on the graphics for my new CD: “The Art of Change”, she was working very hard on another big project with close deadlines. Even through the pressure, she was always keeping up with me, very attentive to details and eager to bring her best to my project. I recommend Dustin for her professionalism and passionate personality.

Remy de Laroque
Singer | Songwriter

In addition to being a very talented designer and illustrator, Dustin is extremely reliable and professional. She’s exceptionally creative and detail-oriented. I look forward to working with her again.

Shelline Vandermey
Art Director Broadcast | Jack Morton Worldwide

What shall we create together?